JQuery Fancytree – Tree View

Fancytree is tree view/tree grid package to generate the nested level of nodes is like parent child relationship. It’s Flexible, Extensible modular design, Rich object oriented API, Browser Support is too good, Handling big data structure etc…! The fancytree support for keyboard, inline editing, filtering, checkboxes, drag N drop, and lazy loading etc. Here is the list of main features.

Main features

  • Lazy loading and efficient and performant handling of large data sets
  • Keyboard navigation
  • WAI-ARIA compliant
  • Table view support (aka tree grid)
  • (Hierarchical) selection and checkboxes
  • Drag and drop (html5 or jQuery UI based)
  • Inline editing
  • Searching and filtering
  • Persistence of expansion, selection, and active state
  • Themable (comes with WinXP, Win7, Win8, OS X Lion, and Glyph samples)
  • The tree behaves like a single form control, i.e. it is ‘tabbable’
  • Rich object oriented API
  • Extensible modular design
  • and many more…

It comes with a lot of different examples, Please follow below links.

Github – fancytree

All demos – Fancytree examples

Bootstrap demo – Bootstrap Fancytree demo

Documentation – Fancytree doc

Main Concept –Fancytree-concept

Laravel PHP

Generate a PDF in Laravel

Hello, today we are talking about generating PDF. In Laravel generating PDF is pretty easy and simple. There are lots of libraries which is used to generate a PDF, but I think one of the best library for generating PDF is ‘laravel-dompdf’. It’s easy to install and configure. You can use chain methods, change paper size and many more configuration options available here.


Add following line in your ‘composer.json’ file.

composer require barryvdh/laravel-dompdf


After updating composer add following line to your config/app.php file.



If you want to use shorter façade, then add following line to your façade. Its optional.

'PDF' => Barryvdh\DomPDF\Facade::class,



$pdf = App::make('dompdf.wrapper');$pdf->loadHTML('<h1>Test</h1>');return $pdf->stream();


Using Façade.

$pdf = PDF::loadView('pdf.invoice', $data);return $pdf->download('invoice.pdf');


Link  :

Laravel PHP

Laravel Inspector – debugging and profiling tools for Web Artisans

This one is awesome laravel inspect tool for debugging the application,  It helps to the developer to develop a Quality application, Finding errors,  Query log, Request time, Response etc……

#Currently Available Collectors

  • MessageCollector – Handling User’s message & dump.
  • Exception – Exception
  • DBCollector – Queries, including execution time and parameters binding.
  • TimersCollector – Timers and time stamps
  • RoutesCollector – Application routes
  • RequestCollector – Current Request
  • ResponseCollector – Current Response
  • SessionCollector – Session variables
  • ServerCollector – $_SERVER dump

For more information –  Laravel Inspector


Laravel PHP

Laravel API Tester

Awesome package for API Tester, It helps you be more efficient while working with APIs. You can handle complex  HTTP requests quickly. With a lot of features, lightweight handling, Handle CSRF token etc.

Feature :

  • Display routes for your application.
  • Prepare and save requests.
  • Collaborate with your team using firebase.
  • Live search for everything.
  • Filter out routes in config.
  • CSRF token is handled for you.
  • Fill request in JSON editor.
  • Preview response depending on type (html or json).
  • Clean and intuitive interface.
  • Lightweight and no dependencies (except on laravel).


Read more on our GitHub laravel-api-tester

Online Interface – laravel-api-tester



NgDialog – Robust Modal Box for AngularJS application

Today we are talking about a dialog. If you wish to add a modal dialog or a simple popup in AngularJS application, then the ngDialog module provide easy and simple way. It is a module for AngularJS to create highly customizable modal and popup window for your application. You can be done fast action for ADD/EDIT or show any information to user. It is responsive and its provide us some simple methods, here is the sample example and links for ngDialog.



Example :

var app = angular.module('exampleApp', ['ngDialog']);

app.controller('MainCtrl', function ($scope, ngDialog) {
    $scope.clickToOpen = function () {{ template: 'popupTmpl.html', className: 'ngdialog-theme-default' });

Links :

Github :

Demo :

Angular AngularJS General Laravel PHP

DevDocs – combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface.

DevDocs contain 100+ tutorial like Angular, Javascript, HTML, CSS etc with latest versions. It aims to make reading and searching reference documentation fast, easy and enjoyable. All the popular languages release versions documentations present in DevDocs.


For more details visit


Ahead-of-time (AOT) vs just-in-time (JIT)

The difference between AOT and JIT is a matter of timing and tooling.

  • The AOT  compiler runs once at build time using one set of libraries.
  •  The JIT runs every time for every user at runtime using a different set of libraries.

These are main two compilation process of angular application. I am mention here some reference links.