Angular 5.0.0-beta.0 is Now Available

Angular 5.0.0-beta.0 available with following features and bug fixes:

Bug Fixes

  • animations: always camelcase style property names that contain auto styles
  • animations: capture cancelled animation styles within grouped animations
  • animations: do not crash animations if a nested component fires CD during CD
  • animations: make sure @.disabled works in non-animation components
  • common: send flushed body as error instead of null
  • compiler: ensure jit external id arguments names are unique
  • compiler-cli: don’t generate empty when extracting xliff
  • platform-server: provide XhrFactory for HttpClient
  • router: canDeactivate guards should run from bottom to top
  • router: should navigate to the same url when config changes
  • router: should run resolvers for the same route concurrently
  • router: terminal route in custom matcher
  • upgrade: allow accessing AngularJS injector from downgraded module


  • animations: support :increment and :decrement transition aliases
  • upgrade: propagate touched state of NgModelController
  • upgrade: support lazy-loading Angular module into AngularJS app


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