Whats new in Laravel 5.7.15 ?

Laravel 5.7.15 is available with a new Eloquent relationship getters and validation rules

Eloquent relationship getters:

  • BelongsToMany::getParentKeyName
  • BelongsToMany::getRelatedKeyName
  • HasManyThrough::getFirstKeyName
  • HasManyThrough::getForeignKeyName
  • HasManyThrough::getSecondLocalKeyName
  • HasOneOrMany::getLocalKeyName
  • MorphToMany::getInverse

Validation Rules:

  • starts_with – allows you to validate start of input strings

For example:


   ‘greeting’ =>’starts_with:hello,hi;


And date_equals validation rule is now translatable

For example:

‘date_equals’ => ‘The :attribute must be a date equal to :date.’,

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