TranslaText – PHP PO/Gettext Manager | Editor | Scanner | Translator

TranslaText is application for anyone who use Gettext for their application. Name is built using 2 words Translate & Text.

Gettext make life smoother for any PHP programmer when we want to make the application Multi-lingual, however managing these translations sometimes becomes headaches.

Needs to download PO file then make each translation and generate MO file of it and then upload it … doesn’t seems to be time consuming? And Irritating?

TranslaText comes here as savior, you just need upload the files on server, setup the config & you are ready. No need to download & Upload PO/MO files manually. It itself scan your project for strings based on configuration & generate PO/MO files. It also helps to Translate the strings on the click away.

No Database Required

Auto Translations API Integrated

Google Translate (Per string translation)

Microsoft Translator API (Whole PO file Translation a click a way) – (2M chars free per month

Auto Translation of whole PO file using Google Spreadsheet Translate Trick FREE

Automatic MO file Generation

Believe me it will save your lot of time.

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