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Flowjs – Angular HTML5 Uploader

Flow.js is javascript library which is provides multiple simultaneous, stable and resumable uploads via the HTML5 File API. This library allows automatic resume uploading file when internet connection is lost either locally or to the server. Additionally its provide a facility to pause, resume and recover uploads without losing any data because flow.js upload file in chunks […]

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Laravel Certification

   It’s a great opportunity…  Stand out. Get Certified Yaaaa, You can become globally recognized certified developer or the certified team for your expertise in creating modern web applications with Laravel. The Board of Advisors provides good knowledge & high-quality exams. For more information related links are here. Certified Developer Stand out in a stack of resumes. […]

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Instamojo Payment Gateway

 Instamojo is a free Payment Gateway for 5,00,000+ Businesses in India. There is no setup or annual fee for this payment gateway. Just pay a transaction fee of 2% + ₹3 for the transactions. Instamojo accepts Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Net Banking, UPI, Wallets, EMI, NEFT and IMPS. is a digital payments platform bundled with tons of e-commerce features to enable any […]


What is Laravel-websockets?

Laravel WebSockets is a php package for Laravel 5.7 and up, which handles the server-side of WebSockets for you. It has a web-server, implemented in PHP, that handles incoming WebSocket connections. Laravel WebSockets has been built on top of Ratchet. Also there is support for multi-tenancy, which let you set up a webSockets server and […]

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Dragula – A simple drag and drop library

In this article, we will take quick look at the process of creating drag and drop in AngularJs and Angular application using Dragula. For AngularJs and Angular there are two different Dragula library are available, i added link of all those libraries at the end of this article. Dragula gives you simple way to add […]

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Angular – Font Awesome Icons

Font awesome introducing icon module & component for angular,  API docs The official Angular module/component documentation  GitHub project Where to submit issues and collaborate/contribute to codebase Install Using npm : – npm i @fortawesome/angular-fontawesome Install Using yarn : – yarn add @fortawesome/fontawesome-svg-core yarn add @fortawesome/free-solid-svg-icons yarn add @fortawesome/angular-fontawesome For more details –


Whats new in Laravel 5.7.15 ?

Laravel 5.7.15 is available with a new Eloquent relationship getters and validation rules Eloquent relationship getters: BelongsToMany::getParentKeyName BelongsToMany::getRelatedKeyName HasManyThrough::getFirstKeyName HasManyThrough::getForeignKeyName HasManyThrough::getSecondLocalKeyName HasOneOrMany::getLocalKeyName MorphToMany::getInverse Validation Rules: starts_with – allows you to validate start of input strings For example: $request->validate([       ‘greeting’ =>’starts_with:hello,hi; ]); And date_equals validation rule is now translatable For example: ‘date_equals’ => ‘The :attribute […]

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CKEditor – Rich Text Editor

CKEditor permits you to directly add the JavaScript based codes within online applications or web pages, it is coming under commercial and open source licenses. If you want to give a more flexible area to user for write any content then CKEditor is better way over adding textarea. In CKEditor three types of preset are given […]

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Deep Diving with Laravel – Queue System

It’s a detail information of Laravel queue system with step by step working,   Queue System  : – Laravel is shipped with a built-in queue system that helps you run tasks in the background & configure how the system should react in different situation using a very simple API. Check out the full documentation for more information. Laravel Queue […]

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Laravel Paytm Integration

Paytm is a very popular Indian payment gateway. Pay money via paytm is very easy. They provides easy way for the shopping and manage your money in your paytm wallet. In this post i will explains you, how to integrate Paytm payment gateway in our Laravel application online using Paytm_Web_Sample_Kit_PHP  example available on github.   How to install the […]