NG-ZORRO – UI Library for Angular

Ng-Zorro is a UI library for angular which contains high quality components and demos for building rich and interactive user interfaces. Currently most stable version of ng-zorro is 1.8.0.  It provides good development experience to developers, it contains number of component to use and have a good documentations.

Features :

  • An enterprise-class UI design language for web applications.
  • A set of high-quality Angular components out of the box.
  • Written in TypeScript with complete defined types

Installation :

ng-zorro recommend using @angular/cli to install.

You can also install ng-zorro-antd using npm or yarn.

For more information visit at –

github :

PHP Library to write XLSX files

Excel is used to store large amount of information in the form of a spreadsheet. Which is easy to manage accounts information and other information. Now a day’s we save large amount of information online in database but some times we need to convert that information into excel spreadsheet and provides to user. In this post i will explains you, how to create excel file online using PHP_XLSXWriter library available on github. You can download this from the link :

This library is designed to be lightweight, and have minimal memory usage.

It is designed to output an Excel compatible spreadsheet in (Office 2007+) xlsx format, with just basic features supported:

  • Supports PHP 5.2.1+
  • Takes UTF-8 encoded input
  • Multiple worksheets
  • Supports currency/date/numeric cell formatting and simple formulas
  • Supports basic cell styling
  • Supports writing huge 100K+ row spreadsheets

Below are a few test cases, writing large xlsx spreadsheet files with PHPExcel and PHP_XLSXWriter for comparison.




10 columns, 10,000 rows in 4 sheets (400,000 cells)

File size : 458MB

Execution time : 101.55s

File size : 11MB

Execution time : 7.56s

10 columns, 10,000 rows in 6 sheets (600,000 cells)

File size : 658MB

Execution time : 202.72s

File size : 15MB

Execution time : 11.31s

10 columns, 20,000 rows in 4 sheets (800,000 cells) File size : 912MB

Execution time : 301.31s

File size : 22MB

Execution time : 14.94s


In a few simple tests, PHP_XLSXWriter shows a 98% savings on memory and 95% savings on time when compared to PHP_Excel for writing large files. Though PHP_Excel may have more features, it doesn’t compare with PHP_XLSXWriter when it comes to performance.

Simple PHP CLI example:

$data = array(

$writer = new XLSXWriter();

Note : PHP_XLSXWriter is simple to create lightweight excel spreadsheet using PHP library.

Whats new in PHP 7.3 ?

The PHP team announced the release of the first PHP 7.3 version RC5 with added following features, syntax updates and deprecations.


  • Flexible Heredoc and Nowdoc syntax
  • Allow a Trailing Comma in Function Calls
  • list() reference assignment

New features

  • Option to make json_encode and json_decode throw exceptions on errors
  • Introduced is_countable() function
  • Introduced array_key_first() and array_key_last() functions


  • Deprecated image2wbmp() function
  • Deprecated case-insensitive constants


The next release would be RC6, planned for November 22nd 2018.

YesAuthority – Laravel Routes Authorization Library

If you want to add a permission on the basis of Laravel routes then YesAuthority authorization library is very useful to do so. Spatie, Bouncer and other many more libraries are available for Laravel authorization, but these libraries uses Laravel Eloquent models to set up permissions and ability. In YesAuthority you can allow / deny permission from single file, you can statically define your rules in yes-authority.php or you can define your rules in Database for dynamic permissions. You can simply add following syntax to check the route is accessible or not.

Syntax :


// true


For more information visit at –,

Hey!! Have you visited


It’s a service to manage your servers with number of the elegant features, either you can create new server with any server provider as per your choice (Currently providing DigitalOcean) or you can build your custom server using any VPS.

ServePHP is the SaaS application for creating, provisioning and managing simple PHP server and Website/Applications. It helps in performing many important tasks like Attaching Domains, Applications, Cron Jobs, Firewall Rules, Auto Deployments and many more without writing single line in Terminal, these tasks are just a click away using simple interface.

It provides you the seamless integration with LetsEncrypt to install Free SSL Certificates for your applications.

Many Advance features like Auto Deployments using Git Push requests, these deployment can be configured conditionally to avoid unnecessary commands executions.

You can add provide access of your account to your team members

You have choice of different subscription plan Monthly/Yearly as per your needs.

It provides you the 15 days free trial without any credit card information and you can quick sign up via the Google, GitHub, Bitbucket, DigitalOcean, Slack, Gitlab to get hassle free ride to functions & features of site.





The Angular Console – for Developers

I am so happy, because angularconsole take responsibility of

  • Build CLI Commands Visually.
  • Trivial Code Generation
  • Run Custom NPM Scripts
  • Discover and Install Extensions
  • Build CLI Commands Visually
  • Integrated Terminal Output
  • Import Existing Projects

It’s a direct interface for performing many task when you go with angular.  You can perform Test, Build, Generate Component and also Serve application.

for more info – angularconsole

Angular 5 From Scratch – Best Tutorial Free..!! Free..!!

It’s best tutorial for beginner,  It covers step by step requirements for angular & also explain in simple way with Theory & live demos by punker & with video … I am search lot of tutorials but this one is best for me it maybe help full for others…..

It Covers –  #es6, #typescript, #oops , #angular, #livedemos, #videos

E-book – Free e-book over 700+ pages with deep information

Tutorial Overview : – Angular 5 Tutorial

JQuery Fancytree – Tree View

Fancytree is tree view/tree grid package to generate the nested level of nodes is like parent child relationship. It’s Flexible, Extensible modular design, Rich object oriented API, Browser Support is too good, Handling big data structure etc…! The fancytree support for keyboard, inline editing, filtering, checkboxes, drag N drop, and lazy loading etc. Here is the list of main features.

Main features

  • Lazy loading and efficient and performant handling of large data sets
  • Keyboard navigation
  • WAI-ARIA compliant
  • Table view support (aka tree grid)
  • (Hierarchical) selection and checkboxes
  • Drag and drop (html5 or jQuery UI based)
  • Inline editing
  • Searching and filtering
  • Persistence of expansion, selection, and active state
  • Themable (comes with WinXP, Win7, Win8, OS X Lion, and Glyph samples)
  • The tree behaves like a single form control, i.e. it is ‘tabbable’
  • Rich object oriented API
  • Extensible modular design
  • and many more…

It comes with a lot of different examples, Please follow below links.

Github – fancytree

All demos – Fancytree examples

Bootstrap demo – Bootstrap Fancytree demo

Documentation – Fancytree doc

Main Concept –Fancytree-concept

Generate a PDF in Laravel

Hello, today we are talking about generating PDF. In Laravel generating PDF is pretty easy and simple. There are lots of libraries which is used to generate a PDF, but I think one of the best library for generating PDF is ‘laravel-dompdf’. It’s easy to install and configure. You can use chain methods, change paper size and many more configuration options available here.


Add following line in your ‘composer.json’ file.

composer require barryvdh/laravel-dompdf


After updating composer add following line to your config/app.php file.



If you want to use shorter façade, then add following line to your façade. Its optional.

'PDF' => Barryvdh\DomPDF\Facade::class,



$pdf = App::make('dompdf.wrapper');$pdf->loadHTML('<h1>Test</h1>');return $pdf->stream();


Using Façade.

$pdf = PDF::loadView('pdf.invoice', $data);return $pdf->download('invoice.pdf');


Link  :